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A French biotech company located in Grenoble, at the heart of the French Alps, Synthelis is the leading French expert in Cell-Free systems. Our proprietary cell-free expression technology has established itself as a benchmark across Europe and is now on a path to compete with US leaders in the field. The need to produce every possible type of protein quickly, reliably and economically is a real challenge in research fields today, and it will become increasingly important to industry in the decades to come. Cell-free expression is a field of expertise that is growing constantly. However, the future offers so much more. And Synthelis is both proud of the role it is playing in this industrial revolution and committed to developing its research to bring this fruit to bear in what will be the advent of synthetic biology.

Management and Scientific Team

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Poher

Vincent Poher, who holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College London, is the founder and CEO of AVALUN, a spin-off from CEA Leti in Grenoble. AVALUN has developed the LabPad Evolution, a revolutionary connected pocket laboratory for medical biology tests. Vincent is also a director at France Biotech, demonstrating his commitment to developing biotechnology in France. His leadership at AVALUN and involvement in initiatives such as France Biotech are a testament to his influence in the health and medical technology sector. As Chairman, he aims to establish Synthelis as a key player in biomanufacturing and cell-free technology on an international scale.

Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder

Bruno Tillier

Bruno Tillier has cofounded Synthelis with Pr. Jean-Luc Lenormand from the University Grenoble Alps (UGA). Bruno holds a M.Sc. in Medical Sciences from the South Alberta Cancer Research Institute (SACRI), Calgary, Canada. He also holds a Master's degree in Management from AgroParisTech and Neoma Business Shool. With more than 20 years of experience in the biotech sector he is in charge of the definition and the management of Synthelis’ strategy as well as the business development.

Executive Assistant

Claude Cartier-Millon

At Synthelis Claude is in charge of the administrative, accounting and HR aspects. She takes part in the optimization of the processes and the organization of the company. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration Management (GEA) and has more than 30 years of experience in this position in different Executive Departments.

Senior Project Manager

Aurélie Delphin

After working for more than 16 years in a biomanufacturing CDMO, Aurélie masters all steps of a bioprocess from the molecular biology, the production phase to the DSP steps (design and optimization of the purification scheme, filtration, refolding...) and this, from the laboratory scale to the GMP grade clinical batch. With this broad range of skills and its know-how in cell-free systems, she manages and participates in the realization of all the services for our customers.

Senior Technician

Alain Bacchetta

With more than 15 years of experience in recombinant protein production, having handled projects from molecular biology to pharmaceutical grade production, Alain is one of the technical experts of the Synthelis team. He performs the services of our customers with the help of junior technicians to whom he transmits his know-how and his rigorous work.

Scientist R&D

Dr. Marion Gransagne

Marion has a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the Pierre and Marie Curie Institute. She also holds an Engineer degree in Life Sciences from AgroParisTech and a Master Degree in “Host-Pathogen Interactions” from the University of Versailles. Before joining Synthelis, she participated in the development of a vaccine at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, where she was in charge of the production of several proteins in different expression systems. At Synthelis, Marion is in charge of a strategic project based on our cell-free technology. She also defines and implements the company's R&D programs in order to optimize our process and promote innovation.

Scientist R&D

Keïta Jondot

Keïta Jondot, driven by a passion for biology and chemistry, steered his career towards research, graduating with a Master 2 in biotechnological drugs. His career path began with a three-month internship in cell biology, followed by six months of experience in R&D at Synthelis, where he collaborated with Aurélie Delphin on developing new proteins using cell-free and E. Coli systems.
After working as an assistant R&D Engineer at Synthelis, Keïta was hired permanently as an R&D Engineer. He works closely with Marion Gransagne on all the company's internal R&D projects to optimize our process and promote innovation.


A wide-ranging base of international customers including 9 big pharma clients


Difficult proteins successfully produced


Proprietary cell-free technology at optimised cost of goods


Vast network of academic and industrial partners: biomedicines, vaccines, IVD, structural biology etc.


Auditable quality management system
ISO 9001


At the foot of the French Alps, Grenoble has become a major hub for the creation of high-tech companies. Synthelis plays a real part in this technological dynamic and innovation lies at the heart of the company’s values.


We thank our shareholders for the trust they have placed in our technology, our team and our creativity. We are proud to count among our investors:

Kreaxi : investisseur Synthelis
Savoie Mont Blanc Angels : investisseurs Synthelis
Floralis : investisseur Synthelis
Crédit Agricole Entreprises : investisseurs Synthelis
Grenoble Angels : investisseurs Synthelis


A growing number of clients in the biopharmaceutical industry which are developing treatments for human or animal use call upon our protein production services for their products, or for their R&D or basic research. We are proud to present our non-confidential client list.

Laboratoire Pfizer : client Synthelis
Sanofi : client Synthelis
Laboratoire Servier : client Synthelis
Galderma : client Synthelis
Enterome : client Synthelis
Université Grenoble Alpes : client Synthelis

Our customers talk about it

Enterome logo Témoignage

"We worked with the Synthelis team for two years on a large-scale project for cell-free protein synthesis. In addition to their perfect knowledge of protein synthesis in different conditions, quantification & validation, the team is fully dedicated to our project, working with flexibility and perfect communication."

Laurent CHENE


Sanofi logo témoignage

"Synthelis team was very efficient to provide us with a solution to our persistent inclusion body issue. We believe that the cell-free could be a promising alternative expression system to overcome some bottlenecks."




"Synthelis' team was efficient and professional in providing us with a solution for the rapid development of a biological reagent for coagulation diagnosis. Synthelis' cell-free technology is particularly effective in producing large quantities of complex membrane proteins. What makes the difference in working with Synthelis is their expertise in their technology and their professionalism. I can recommend working with Synthelis because their team and their technology allow to accelerate project development."

Vincent POHER



"At Twist Biopharma, we were looking for a supplier to produce membrane proteins as GPCRs to perform our phage display campaigns. Synthelis took our specifications for this project into consideration, adapted its cell-free expression technology, and supplied us with a challenging receptor in a very short timeline. The quality of the supplied target enabled us to successfully select antagonist and agonist VHH binders confirmed in our bioassays. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration with Synthelis."

Aaron SATO

Chief Scientific Officer TWIST BIOPHARMA

Institutional partners

We thank our institutional partners for their continuous support since the creation of Synthelis. We are pleased to be part of this network.

Lyon Biopole : partenaire Synthelis
MadDesign : partenaire Synthelis
Polepharma : partenaire Synthelis
AFSSI : partenaire Synthelis
Medicalps : partenaire Synthelis
Ministère de la Recherche et de l'Innovation : partenaire Synthelis
Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes : partenaire Synthelis
BPI France : partenaire Synthelis
Réseau Entreprendre : partenaire Synthelis

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