10 myths about Cell-Free systems

that you probably always believed…

There are a number of misnomers surrounding the use of cell-free technology. In this document, which is anchored around a solid bibliography and experimental proof, you will be able to better understand the advantages of cell-free technologies and discover powerful and efficient systems for soluble or difficult-to-express protein production projects. In each article we explain in detail the many advantages of Cell-Free expression systems and the value they can bring to your project.

Cell-free systems are slower than an E.coli cell-based system

Cell-free systems are not suitable for large-scale industrial applications

Cell-free systems are not compatible with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP grade)

Cell-free systems only use bacterial extract.

Cell-free systems deliver low expression yields

Cell-free systems are only relevant for membrane proteins

Cell-free systems only work with plasmids

Cell-free systems do not produce functional protein complexes

Cell-free systems are complex; hence the increased uptake in recent years of cell-free kits

Cell-free systems are only relevant for protein synthesis

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