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In addition to cell-free technologies, the Synthelis team also has extensive expertise in the production of proteins in the E. coli system. Depending on the type of protein, we can work with either cytoplasmic or periplasmic expression. Our services range from feasibility studies to production in 10 L fermenters. Each project includes the following stages, as a minimum:

1/ Design and preparation of the expression vector

This stage includes expression vector selection, sequence optimization, and tagging. Other options, such as the creation of a fusion protein, mutation insertion etc are also possible.

2/ Selection of the expression system and optimal conditions

At this stage, we screen different culture conditions and/or several strains to obtain the best quantity and quality of expression of the protein of interest.

3/ Production and extraction of the protein

We can work up to a scale of 10 L of culture to cover needs ranging from milligrams to grams.
From the biomass obtained, the protein will be extracted according to the type of expression chosen, from simple chemical extraction for a periplasmic expression, to solubilization of inclusion bodies and renaturation (refolding) for insoluble proteins.

4/ Protein purification

We offer all current chromatography techniques: affinity, IEC, HIC, and SEC and will choose the appropriate technique based on required levels of purity.

5/ Final formulation

The choice of the final buffer is a critical stage in the process and one where our experience can help guide you to the most suitable solution for your application.

6/ Process development and industrialization

Our team is always here to help you if you want to improve your production process or change scale. We have a 10 L fermenter, purification equipment and, above all, the expertise necessary to enable you to take the first key steps towards the development and ultimate success of your project. Please not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

We can also access other systems if required.
Please call us to discuss your needs.

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