Cell-free lysates

We are the experts in Cell-Free technology.

For more than 11 years, SYNTHELIS has developed and continuously optimized a proprietary cell-free system based on E. coli lysate.Today, we are very pleased to give you access to our lysate Syn-Xtract™ to produce your proteins of interest. Our reagent is well-characterized based on the expression of template proteins. It contains the T7 RNA polymerase allowing the specific production of your protein under a T7 promoter.

Please note that, we only supply lysate. You need to provide the additional components (energy source, nucleotides, amino acids, …).

Our open system will give you more flexibility than ready to use kits (such kits can be prepared on request).

Lysat acellulaire Syn-Xtract par Synthelis
Synthelis Boîte Lysat Syn-Xtract Recto

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Why should you use CFPS technology ?

Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) is a technology developed in the 60s. Since this time the system has been intensively worked by many groups all over the world and was thus strongly improved. This tool is now recognized for offering unparalleled flexibility for fast, efficient and inexpensive production of any type of proteins. Cell-free technologies are used in many applications going non exhaustively from protein engineering, gene network prototyping, synthetic biology, library screening, biopharmaceutical production, point-of-care biomanufacturing…
In vitro protein production using CFPS is a good alternative to in vivo systems as in addition to be fast, CFPS is flexible, more consistent and easily scalable from few microliters to hundreds of liters. The open-nature of the system gives access to the cellular machinery and thus, allow to adjust the reaction parameters to the specificity of each protein and better control the transcription and / or translation reactions. In addition, specific reagents can be added to help the folding of the protein (oxido-reductive agents, isomerases, chaperones…).
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Cell-Free Systems Applications

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