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Igem Grand Jamboree 2024

Sponsorship opportunities are available to all teams interested in leveraging iGEM support for this year’s competition. To enhance the success of participating teams, we are offering Syn-Xpress® Cell-Free Protein Expression kits, along with the necessary technical assistance for utilizing the Syn-Xpress® system to achieve project objectives. 

Syn-Xpress® allows for quick initiation of protein expression in a few hours by simply adding DNA. This presents a valuable opportunity to enhance the efficiency of iGEM project work significantly.

To avail of our support, please get in touch with us at, providing the information below. This will help us better understand your project and Syn-Xpress® requirements. For more information on Syn-Xpress®, visit our website [insert link].

In your email, kindly include this information:

Team Information :
• Team Name :
• Competition village :
• Institution/University + kit delivery address
• Team Members: (List names and roles)

iGEM Experience:
Have any team members participated in iGEM before? If yes, please provide details of their previous iGEM projects.

Project Proposal:
• Outline your project proposal for the iGEM Grand Jamboree. What is the main goal and objective of your project?
• How does your project incorporate the use of cell-free kits for protein production? Provide specific details about the proteins you plan to produce and their potential applications.
• Have you already used a cell-free kit to produce proteins? Which one?

Potential Challenges:
Identify potential challenges or obstacles your team might face during the project, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Additional Information:
Is there any additional information you would like to provide to support your team’s selection for the cell-free kits in the iGEM Grand Jamboree?

Thank you for participating in the questionnaire. Your answers will be crucial in the selection process for the distribution of cell-free kits for protein production at the iGEM Grand Jamboree 2024.

By accepting sponsorship from Synthelis, the team commits to the following obligations:
• Recognizing Synthelis on the official iGEM website and wiki of the team, including details about the utilized product(s) and a hyperlink to the company’s website:
• Publicly acknowledging Synthelis and its products on various social media platforms throughout the duration of the competition.
• Displaying the Synthelis logo prominently on the team’s website, poster, and presentation during iGEM Meet-ups and the Giant Jamboree.
• Providing feedback to, summarizing the performance of Synthelis products in the project work.

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